Tips and Tricks for Creating Flashcards

By: Morten Vindberg, Published on August 28th, 2020

Flashcards are a great way to study more efficiently. We will now present some great tips for beginners starting to use flashcards. The most important thing to keep in mind when creating flashcards is simplicity. A flashcard is most effective when it consists of one single clear question and answer.

Tip 1, KISS:

Keep it simple stupid! (Kiss). In order to create effective flashcards clarity and brevity is the most important thing to keep in mind. The question should have a clear answer with no ambiguity as to what is being asked. The answer should be as short and simple as possible, and only reflect one information item. If you catch yourself writing long and elaborate flashcards with multiple answers split them up! It is much more efficient to have 5 small concentrated flashcards, than one big one. And you get the added benefit of seeing exactly what flashcards you have trouble with and the ones which are easy.

Tip 2, Use Flashcard Types:

You can save a lot of time by leveraging flashcard types. In memordo there are (currently) 3 types, single, double and cloze. A single flashcard is the classical flashcard where there is one question/answer pair. A double flashcard will include the answer/question pair as well. Finally a cloze card is a special card type used for introducing clozes. When you are creating concise flashcards, you can usually also add the answer/question pair, by using the double type. When learning languages using cloze deletions are a very effective method because you embed the answer around into the correct setting

Tip 3, Practice

It takes practice to create good flashcards and to learn how to distill the important information into bite sized flashcards. At memordo we have tried to make this process delightful and as easy as possible. You will quickly realize that the process of creating flashcards is a great process for deciding and distilling the information you want to learn into the most pure form. Hence the majority of learning is in the card creation process, and then you simply transfer this information into your long term memory by reviewing and studying your flashcards over time

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